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How does the Water reach your home ?


Clean water is one of the most important needs of our bodies. It is a sad fact that something as essential to life as clean drinking water can no longer be guaranteed to us.
Water (Supply Water) is supplied to different parts of the city through a network of pumping stations and pipelines. Sometime they pass through rusty pipelines before reaching your home. 


According to research articles and news, most tap and well water, now are not safe for drinking due to heavy industrial and environmental pollution. We have reached to a point that, all sources of our drinking water, including municipal water systems, wells, lakes, rivers, and even glaciers, contain some level of contamination. Contaminants range from naturally-occurring minerals to man-made chemicals and by- Products. While many contaminants are found at levels not enough not to cause immediate discomforts or sicknesses , it is proven that even low-level exposure to many common contaminants will, over time, cause severe illness including liver damage, cancer, and other serious ailments. Even the chemicals commonly used to treat municipal water supplies such as chlorine and fluoride are toxic and are known to have significant adverse effects on the human body.
Pretreated water is centrifuged at the treatment plant and post treated water has to travel to reach your pumping station where it is stored in huge overhead tanks. The water travels in huge pipelines, which however has to pass through unhygenic parts of the city before reaching the pumping station. Sewage or impurities can also enter water pipes if they are broken. Illegal connections from the pipes or other damage can cause this.
You can avail more details on the source and quality of water from the Muncipal corporation.