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1. Will I get any warranty on the Dolphin UF water purifier ?

Yes, you shall get ONE year warranty on the product against manufacturing defects (if any). The product shall be covered under warranty where the distributor/ dealer is in service.

2. Will Dolphin UF Water purifier work on hard water ?

The recommended TDS of water is below 300 ppm. It is advisable that Dolphin UF Water purifiers are not used for water about 300 ppm TDS.

3. What is the operational/running cost on Dolphin UF Water purifier ?

It is almost negligible. You need to get the filtration units/sacks changed in every six months. This shall cost Rs. 250 (as on May 2013)

4. What is the Life of Dolphin UF Water Purifier ?

As per BARC white paper the life of membrane shall be 3 to 5 years. However the life of Membrane depends on maintenance and caring of the customer too. Any negative advances can spoil the membrane.

5. How is Dolphin UF Water Purifier better than other purifiers in it's class ?

Because Dolphin UF Water Purifiers has membranes that gives the output 2.5 times more that the normal ones. Also the sturdy body of the machine makes it easy for the end user for servicing and handling it for normal cleaning too. The colour of the unit does not fade for a good number of years. Needless to mention that special care is taken to ensure the quality in every segment of it's manufacturing.