Trust the Nation, Trust it's Technology

DOLPHIN UF Water Purifier is the leading BARC Technology based Water Purifier.


It started in the year 2002 by FilFab Corporation (SMD) a Jaipur based company. It was marketed in India in the year 2004 after development of the machine.It came into the limelight in July 2005 during the Mumbai deluge. We got an overwhelming response in Navi Mumbai as none of the purifiers functioned due to heavy contamination of water.In th e year 2009, FONTEK CORPORATION, Navi Mumbai took over from Filfab Corporation with all the properties, value and brand name of DOLPHIN UF preserved and the technology was handed over to Fontek Corporation by BARC for the next 7 years. 


DOLPHIN UF Water Purifier has the membrane of 0.01 microns and has 100% bacteria retention as certified by leading labs of India including Haffkine, Mumbai.


We have a well dedicated and trained team for making membrane and assembling the machine looking into the minutest details of the end product. We constantly get the feedback from our valued customers and bring necessary changes in the Product for easy handling and maintenance. Ever since 2009, the company has monitored the quality and technicalities and has incorporated changes for the better functioning and life of the Product. That is the reason, as compared to any other Product manufactured on this technology of BARC, Dolphin UF Water Purifiers has 2.5% more outflow of filtered water.


Our Vision:

To provide pure and safe drinking water and save the world from water borne diseases, creating a new healthy generation


Our Mission:

100 crore people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water. This is one in every six persons (Source UN). Our Mission is to reduce this number and we promise that we will deliver.