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 100% Pure Vegetarian Water Purifier# that gives you CompleteWater.



DOLPHIN UF Water Purifier, the best in its class, the most affordable and reliable water purifier for your home.It works on the patented technology of  BARC, which is membrane based and does not need electricity to run, thereby negligible maintenance of the device. The quality of the device is tested and the water after filtration (output) is also tested and verified for its claim by leading labs of India.


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* Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai,  The leading scientific research Centre of India.
# The 0.01 microns membrane shall never allow the dead or living bacteria to pass through it, there by you have pure drinking water.
~ Because Ultra Filteration retains minerals of water that could be necessary for a healthy life, rejecting all foreign bodies upto the size of 0.01 microns.